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Why Soccer Hall of Fame voting NEEDS to change

Why Soccer Hall of Fame voting NEEDS to change

What are we doing?! WHAT ARE WE DOING?! We’re not talking about the World Cup. We’re talking about National Soccer Hall of Fame voting and the process that continues to deny players their rightful place in the Hall. Wiebe rants, then David, Doyle and Calen dig through a busy MLS weekend: Galaxy’s El Trafico dominance, Sebastian Blanco’s injury, Crew and Dynamo excellence, Reynoso’s debut and much more. Plus, Brenden and Paxten Aaronson on MLS Next and the plan for their futures in Philadelphia (and beyond).

2:24 – Hall of Fame voting is broken, and the voters ought to take the blame, too

15:06 – Why Red Bulls fired Chris Armas and what comes next

28:16 – The Galaxy are good again! And that’s good for MLS…

37:02 – What Sebastian Blanco injury means for the Timbers

42:52 – The Dynamo are good, too! How good? TBD

49:02 – Rest of the MLS Weekend…

56:22 – INTERVIEW: Brenden and Paxten Aaronson on their path to MLS, someday Europe

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