Mia Hamm Garciaparra, Co-Owner of the Los Angeles Football Club, Urges Commission to Approve Plans for New Soccer Stadium in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Mia Hamm Garciaparra, one of the greatest American woman athletes of all time, urged the California Science Center and Exposition Park Commission to approve plans for the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) to build a new state-of-the-art soccer-specific stadium in South Los Angeles at the site of the Los Angeles Sports Arena in Exposition Park.

   Hamm Garciaparra, who is one of the owners of LAFC, Major League        Soccer’s newest team, said, "I represented the United States in four        World Cups and three Olympics and understand what this sport means to        people, this city and globally. The potential of what the team can bring        to LA and what LA can bring to soccer as a sport here in America is        exponential. This site, with its history of sports, is the perfect        location to bring the world’s game to the world’s city. It’s truly in        the center of this city, part of the LA sports corridor, is among some        of the best institutions and museums, and in a beautiful Park."     

   The California Science Center and Exposition Park Commission approved        the item unanimously today. The proposed stadium approvals are next        slated to go before the City of Los Angeles Planning Commission in        December 2015 and then go before the Los Angeles City Council for the        final stage of approvals.     

   This new home for the team would be the first open air stadium in LA        since 1962. The project is expected to bring $250 million in private        investments to South Los Angeles. Total economic impact over 30 years is        projected to be nearly $3 billion and the stadium and soccer club will        create 3,000 full time jobs. Many of those jobs will be created in one        of the most disadvantaged parts of Los Angeles. There are also plans for        job training, youth and educational outreach and a Los Angeles Football        Club Foundation that will be active in the community.     

   In addition to Hamm Garciaparra, other owners of the soccer        club include NBA legend Earvin Magic Johnson; businessman and Club        Managing Partner Henry Nguyen; entertainment and sports mogul Peter        Guber; businessman Chad Hurley; Club President Tom Penn; MLB All-Star        Nomar Garciaparra; and best-selling author and entrepreneur Tony Robbins.     

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