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off season workoutThere comes a time for every team in the MLS when you hit the off-season and it’s time to relax, regenerate and start your off-season workout plans. Unfortunately for the Montreal Impact this has come early. No thanks to the Houston Dynamo.

Most players will go through a time when they go off their diet, sleep a lot and tend to become overweight and out of shape. This is a good thing as many trainers and sports gurus will tell you. It’s the rebuilding phase.

According to the great modern boxer Micky Ward, he once said that he would train and eat all the right foods before a fight and then go out after the fight and eat hamburgers and pizza for weeks. He never had an issue being overweight for a fight and many top athletes feel the same way. There’s got to be something to that and it’s called off-season dieting.

Many times athletes will visit family and friends in the off-season and try to get away from it all or whatever sport like soccer and relax. I used to play college basketball and after the season was over I go right back to eating pizza and drinking beer on the weekends and neglect my training schedule especially running outdoors in the winter.

Same goes for many top professional athletes you’ll see them at movie premieres vacationing and making tabloid photos but what they’re not doing is participating in their sport. This is a great thing specially for the blind two relax and regenerate.

What it is time to get back into the gym and start eating right many athletes will grab their iphone armband and then start running.

Nowadays with training and workouts getting so advanced that athletes will hire a personal trainer. Athletes conduct themselves in the off-season sometimes harder than they do during the on-season. Many times shall see a soccer player get into plyometrics and strength training instead of endurance and running. The thought of this is they buildup strength in their muscles not so much endurance in their lungs.

No matter what exactly does the off-season it’s important to realize that everyone needs a rest and the getaway from their sport no matter how much they love it. It makes for better athlete and also gives peace of mind.


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